Monday, January 2, 2017

Mariah Carey: Someone sabotaged my show – financial times

now Requires the official apology after utskrattade the new year’s concert

During the nyårskvällen was Mariah Carey for one of the year’s least successful performances when her new year’s concert the face of miljonpublik became a totalfiasko. Now accusing she the company behind the for having sabotaged her show.

In nyårskvällen played Mariah Carey in Times Square in New York city, hundreds of thousands of people were present to see the performance, and millions followed it from home via their tv sets.

But the show was not at all like the star in mind, due to technical issues so ended the whole shownen in a disaster where the star had to leave the stage humiliated and laughed at after mimat completely osynkat to the pre-recorded music.

Accusing the company of sabotage

Now, turn the star’s manager back to the company behind the production and accuse of deliberately sabotaged the artist’s show in order to boost their tv numbers, and to Carey on a number of occasions pointed out to the technicians that the equipment did not work. Mariah Careys manager is now demanding in a letter an official apology for what happened during the concert.

an accident

the Company Dick Clark Productions, which was responsible for the show, claiming in turn that it is absolutely not sabotaged the performance, and to allegations that you knowingly destroyed the star show is downright ridiculous. They say, further, that produced this type of performances in over 50 years, and the claim continued that the whole thing is just an unfortunate technical mishap. You, however, choose to apologize to the artist for the things that happened during the performance.


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