Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Springsteen to the fierce attack against the Trump – financial times

"I have felt disgust before, but never the fear I feel now"

HOLLYWOOD. Bruce Springsteen, do not save on the powder, when it comes to AMERICA’s new president. In a podcast he calls Donald Trump unqualified for the job.

– I have felt disgust before, but never the fear I feel now, ” he says.

The 67-year-old rockveteranen from New Jersey approached the political situation in the united states when he visited the pod WTF with Marc Maron which was released on Tuesday.

– Simply put is the fear of whether someone is sufficiently competent for this job. Forget where they stand ideologically. They have the skills required to get a position with like responsibilities?

Springsteen sawn Donald Trump policy proposals and called them "lies that are not going to implement them."

He also warned that Trump with his rhetoric threaten to destroy AMERICA’s future.

– When you release the genie from the bottle – with the racism, bigotry and intolerance – it is not easy to restore it, if it even runs.

likely to shatter

– My fear is that those things become everyday life in ordinary, civil societies, that they detract from the discussion and the day’s events. It can change the country in a way that makes it impossible to recognize, and that we split, ” he said.

he stated that He felt this way, but to Trump even taken the position.

– Therefore, we must wait and see. But the danger is there. At the same time to see which he has appointed for ministers. It does not bode well for the future.

however, Despite the bleak picture has Springsteen has not given up hope.

– America is still America. I still believe in its ideals. And I will do my absolute best to be a small part in maintaining them.


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