Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Young woman shot at restaurant in Malmö, sweden – Expressen

A young woman have during the night been shot in Malmö.

Police blocked off an area at a falafelrestaurang in Rosengård in the hunt for the offender who is still on the loose.

Now calls for the police more witness testimony.

“If anyone has seen or heard anything in the area at this time, we gratefully accept all the data,” says Nils Norling, spokesperson at the police in Malmö, sweden.

It was at 03.30 night on Tuesday as police and emergency services was alerted to the site.

When the police arrived they found a young woman who was severely wounded by a gun shot in a green area in the vicinity of a falafelrestaurang in the Western Kattarpsvägen.

the Woman was taken in an ambulance to the hospital where she had undergone surgery during the night. Her condition was termed on Tuesday morning as serious but stable.

the Offender is still on the loose

During the night heard the police witness. A man who was in the company of the woman when the shooting occurred.

According to the data has the shooting occurred in the vicinity of where the woman was found.

“They should have moved a bit after the shooting,” says Nils Norling, which, however, do not want to go into details of what the man told him.

the Man, who was unharmed, however, is not a suspect in the case. The reason for the shooting is still unclear.

– There is no known threat to either the man or the woman what we know, ” says Nils Norling.

No technical discovery

In the morning blocked the police of a part of the green area and the road that runs past the restaurant. You are looking for in the area with hundpatruller to determine the exact scene of the crime. Among other things, with vapenhund. It had, however, yet early on Tuesday morning have not done some of the technical findings, as cores, for example, on the lawn where the woman was found.

“We have not yet made any such bargain,” says Nils Norling.

The skottskadade the woman’s condition described at the 10-time as serious but stable.

During Tuesday’s morning devoted to the police include outreach in the field to collect data. At the same time, it was hoped to get a few more witness testimony from the event on 114 14.

” Then we hope to be able to hear the injured woman during the day. But it depends on her condition, ” says Nils Norling.

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