Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Matilda Melin makes a comeback in Idol – against the rules – Swedish Radio

On Monday, the premiere of this year’s edition of the talent TV show “Idol”. Where were shown the results of the auditions that took place in Åre in March.

Six of the participants made it to the final audition in Stockholm.

of them was a splendid surprise! Matilda Melin from Östersund must namely making a comeback in the competition despite the fact that it is not allowed according Idol Rules. Matilda who came sixth in the program two years ago (2013) was picked autocratic zoom back – the jury member Alexander Bard.

Another went further, Magnus Schoenberg from Östersund, visited P4 Morning Jamtland on Tuesday morning where he told a little more about Idol-life, behind the scenes.

Adam Norling from RS, Årebon Louis Fjällström and Daniel Wiklund from Sveg were also among those who went forth.

If you have been in “Idol” and reached the top 20 say the rules that you must not be in the contest again.

Matilda’s coming

Still got the viewers then hear a familiar voice in Monday’s episode – Matilda Melin, who came in sixth in 2013, is back in the competition.

– Since this is my last year in the “Idol” so I do not care honestly in the rules, said Alexander Bard in the program before he surprised the former participant with a golden ticket.

Matilda Melin Östersund was 16 when she competed in the program two years ago and finished in sixth place. During her audition discussed the jury as to whether she was truly ready for the challenge, considering her young age.

Developed a lot

Although she went so far in the competition Alexander Bard has not been able to stop thinking about how far she could have reached if he had had to wait a year. Said and done – now get Matilda Melin another chance in the talent soap.

– This feels really great, I want to show the jury and everyone else how much I have developed since the last, she says.

Extras press

Matilda Melin think it feels great and unique to have been selected to go around the program’s rules, but also feel the added pressure that is now turned on her.

She, however, tries not to think so much of it.

– When I came to again, I decided to focus on just having fun. It is so very important that music should be fun, so I try not to see it as a competition, says Matilda Melin.


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