Monday, August 31, 2015

Bard broke TV4′s rules – gave Matilda Melin golden ticket back – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard broke the TV 4′s rules.

Although Matilda Melin already come sixth in the race he let her be with again.

– This came to our attention only when Matilda already been asked by Alexander says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of “Idol.”

In tonight’s “Idol “on TV4 was Matilda Melin, 19, who came sixth in” Idol “in 2013, a new golden ticket without even having to audition. Viewers got to see the Alexander Bard , 54, and Dominika Peczynski 44 tap the home of a shocked Matilda Melin and give her the joyful news.

– Because it’s my last year in the “Idol” -juryn hell with the rules, says Alexander Bard in the program.

Actually, one must not seek to “Idol” if have already been involved in the program and placed among the top 20.

– It feels great to be the first to come as far as can be with the “Idol” twice. For me it’s a huge honor to himself Bard, the toughest jury member, turns up and wants me back, says Matilda Melin.

A total surprise

Matilda Melin would get a new chance to win the “Idol” came as a complete surprise to both her and TV4. The day when the program was recorded told her parents that a broker would come and look at the house.

– But it was not. But there was a whole television crew. At first I thought they were there for an interview. Then I saw Bard and Dominicans. Then I thought: “What is the matter?”. I was really shocked, she says.

TV4 was equally surprised.

– This came to our attention only when Matilda was asked by Alexander and why we chose to make an exception from the rules says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of “Idol.”

Want to be greatest in the world

Then she went out of “Idol 2013″, she struggled to keep artistic dream alive. She has performed at home, doing some concerts in Gothenburg and has been in Stockholm and written music. Now that she has a new golden ticket in hand Matilda dare to dream big again.

– I want to release an album and obviously want to be the biggest in the world. It’s great to be on stage for the rest of my life and feed me about it, Matilda says Melin.


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