Sunday, February 7, 2016

Johan Lindqvist: Robin Bengtson let pretentious and flat of the worst sort – Göteborgs-Posten

I prefer nonsense model Samir & amp; Viktor front seriousness that do not measure up, writes GP’s Johan Lindqvist after the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest where Ace Wilder and Robin Bengtsson went straight to the final.

Yes, I have sawn Melodifestivalen top down, back and forth, over and over again. There has been no lack of reasons. Also, I have certainly not been alone. It’s been a bit of a Swedish national sport love to hate Mellon. Just ask the signature “Leif” who are masters of the branch and that is always with us in direct reporting on

If you have missed Leif I think you should hang on us next time we report directly. He is pigheaded entertaining.

Well, on Saturday did not work out for me to be sharp and biting. Instead, I had with me Bodil Malmsten words in the Scandinavium Arena on Saturday. I found them when I earlier in the day read me through her delicate constantly articulate Twitter feed. Here Malmsten wrote:

“I would wipe out the slightest sign of nonsense, how bad it is, I would never stop crying. It is self-preservation, I fiddling.”

It’s so. If our need for consolation is infinite so is our need for nonsense, at least almost constant. Not the least like this in the dark February we need fun pop, drive bearing on the end-humor and abysmally vile puns. It gives us spiritual vitamin D.

In fact, I prefer nonsense model Samir & amp; Viktor front seriousness that do not measure up. Robin Bengtsson made a serious song, and the audience rewarded him. For my part, I think Constellation Prize is a stressful pretentious and flat track of the very worst kind. And then I can even imagine that condone harmonica-fipplandet.

Well, of course it is perfectly okay to be pretentious, but then you have to have full coverage for it when it comes to text and music, but above all else how to handle the song. There, Robin had no running, he trod water for three minutes. Please compare with Pernilla Andersson, who came last, she bottomed out anyway in his text.

It was Samir & amp; Viktor well. Admittedly, their song is not deeper than Plaskis in Goteborg, but it’s like I said just the things we need. In addition, the evening’s cruelest artist breakdancing Saga Ax. Summarize what much lactic she must have had the last few seconds of that little basin.

But back to that with nonsense and seriousness. When the Royal Dramatic actress Stina Ekblad recited Samir & amp; Viktors old groupie in perfect balance between laughter and black, she showed exactly how close it is always between the most superficial and the deepest seriously.

Finally. We saw a future final winner in Gothenburg? Yes, it would possibly be Ace Wilder. She has a catchy song, a smart, visual show and lots of charm. To be continued, on Saturday, I write from Malmö.


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