Sunday, August 7, 2016

“Miserable to Farmer Wants a Wife not won” – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Anders Wiklund, Janerik Henriksson

Fun During last year’s TV-gala the crystal was a lot of drama. Linda Lindorff, the host of Farmer Wants a Wife, was so disappointed when the program did not win that she stormed out. Now, considering that she at all does not appear at this year’s gala.

Linda Lindorff, the host of Farmer Wants a Wife, took the news that her program would not win a crystal during last year’s Crystal Gala bad. She chose to leave the gala in protest. This year she was thinking of not coming at all, writes Aftonbladet.

– Actually, I’m so disappointed that I am considering not even go to the Crystal this year. I think it is deplorable that the “Farmer Wants a Wife” won. It is a unique program and it spread so much happiness, says Lindorff Nöjesbladet.

Would it be so Lindorff still going on this year’s gala, and if she then gets nominated in the category “female presenters” she promises to get the boots.

– it is clear that there must be a boot coup if I get nominated. Crystal Gala may need some cow dung on the red carpet. Will I be nominated, I would happily slip into the red carpet in rubber boots as proof of my gratitude, says Lindorff Nöjesbladet.

The promises do not end at the cow dung on the red carpet. Would Farmer Wants a Wife win a crystal of “The Best TV program” thinks Lindorff not only have the boots on her feet, she also intends to drink champagne out of them. Something that television profile attention to do this at one point in Let’s Dance in the spring.


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