Friday, August 12, 2016

Nordin: “Had enough of each other in the studio” – Aftonbladet

Titti Schultz jumps of NRJ – and Roger Nordin has already left.

Radar pair is thus separate ways after sitting in the radio together for 16 years.

– We have enough and had enough of each other in the studio, says Roger Nordin Nöjesbladet.

When Nöjesbladet reach the radio profile Roger Nordin , 39, on Friday, he is in the United States, specifically Los Angeles, with his partner.

– Now I’ll be off and enjoy the USA and love. And maybe play away some money in Vegas, he writes in a text message.

On Thursday it became public that radio colleague Titti Schultz , 44, leaving the job to “Wake up with NRJ ‘and she will be reunited with Roger Nordin, who earlier this year went out with that he resigned from the same workplace.

– no, I think it’s great that Roger and I are doing different things. We’ve worked together for 22 years. We have long been only colleagues. We work so much together that there is strength and interest to socialize private well. We have done what we’ve always done. We’ve gone on holiday and also took vacation from each other. So we have done all these years. We’ll see if we begin to yearn for each other, said Titti Schultz.

“Magical trip”

Roger Nordin explains that there are some heavy feelings between him and NRJ.

– I’m incredibly grateful that I have been working with Titti for so many years. We have made a long and magical journey together, but now it was time for something new. I felt enough like Titti it was a little too young target group to work with in the end NRJ. But I’ve had great fun with Titti and Ola and the whole gang at NRJ. And really wish Ola luck with the new show, writes Nordin.

Nordin has written a media agreement with the Group MTG as he then goes back to. Three years ago, he left and Titti Schultz MTG’s radio station RIX FM NRJ.

Nordin is long vacant and in “quarantine” between jobs. Exactly what he does when he returns to MTG, he can not say.

There is no evidence of a reunion with Titti Schultz, but Roger Nordin still will not completely shut the door.

– One should never say never. Media industry is a small wading pool with few ducks. Titti is a great radio personality and colleague. But right now I have set his sights on completely different challenges. We have worked together since the time on the radio in Gävle (1995 !!) so maybe it’s just good for us to broaden the horizons a bit. What you do may well not be predictable, he writes.

“Become a job relationship”

Titti Schultz has previously stated that she and Roger Nordin no longer socialize privately.

Now, says Nordin of the relationship.

– We will certainly hang back. However, we have been in the same studio in 16 years. Four hours every weekday. We talked, laughed and cried together in the ether. But when we left the studio, we have been careful to devote time to other people. We have enough and had enough of each other in the studio. Obviously we had fun outside the studio, but above all it has in recent years become more of a job relationship and less socializing private. But how many sit and talk with someone about the life of four hours each day? In 16 years? So you may not need to spend more time beyond that, Nordin continues.


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