Friday, August 12, 2016

“Sweden needs more live scenes of pop music” – Sveriges Radio

According to Joppa Pihlgren, operations manager at Live Music Sweden, there is a notion that pop music is very popular and thus profitable, when in fact in need of investment and increased financial support.

– We see that in practice it could be called pop music, which includes a lot of genres – metal, rock, pop, grunge and so on – not in cultural policy, neither the municipalities, regions or the state, but there are certain genres and is art music supported, he says.

According to the report “we will continue to play pop (but we’re about to die),” which has been developed by the Study promotion, Live Music Sweden and music and cultural union cooperation organization, Sweden has a good infrastructure when it comes to teaching music performer, with adult education and culture schools. But then it stops, say authors of the report, which describes the Swedish popular music as a pyramid with a strong base and top, but with an “intermediate” where the number of live venues has been drastically reduced.

Joppa Pihlgren mean that more investments in this “middle” is important, both to live music should have the opportunity to flourish outside large cities, and to secure the Swedish music miracle future.

– We wish that you could equate popular music with other cultural expressions, it would be the best and in the long term it needs to be. And in the meantime, perhaps we should introduce a special measure for pop music arrangers.

Johan Larsson drives the music club Pustervik in Gothenburg. He says that it is obvious that pop music should be entitled to the same kind of support as other genres of music, but he also sees an increased responsibility of the organizers.

– Taking receive money it should generate tickets, nothing else , more game-times when it benefits musicians and bands.


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