Thursday, August 11, 2016

When Harry Met Strindberg – Sydsvenskan

Harry Potter and the cursed child: Parts One and Two. Little, Brown.

Jamie Parker plays Harry Potter as 37-year-old in the new play whose script now Photo: Charlie Gray

When the final installment of JK Rowling’s children’s epic about the orphan wizard Harry Potter came in 2007, opinions were not unexpected differ on many details of the resolution. Dumbledore’s death was really a poetic necessity? Not a backlash to feminism to pair the ambitious Hermione with an anti-intellectual slappis as Ron Weasley? If one thing seemed to all agree: that the little contrived epilogue which saw the pair Harry / Ginny and Hermione / Ron wave of his offspring on platform 9 3/4 was an abomination and a mistake.


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