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Bollywoodstjärnan About Puri’s death – Göteborgs-Posten

Nöjesartiklar The indian actor, as filmed by Lasse Hallström, was 66 years.

The indian actor If Puri is dead. He died Friday morning from complications of a heart attack. Now hailed filmveteranen for his long career. With over 100 films, he is one of India’s biggest movie stars.

Among them which now celebrates and mourns About Puri online evident not least India’s prime minister Narenda Modi, who through the government’s official twitter account greet that he regrets the actor’s death and will remember him for his many fine efforts on the theater and film.

Got a standing ovation

Since the debut in 1972 and has About Puri charmed the audience in the countless Bollywoodfilmer. He was born in the state of Haryeana in north-west India, and långfilmsdebuterade 1976 film Ghashiram Kotwal. During the 1980s and 1990s, he came to be one of the most important cornerstones of the home-indie-film. If Puri also received a major international recognition for its hollywood Movies, and british comedies such as East is East and My son the fanatic.

In the salon in Cannes during the film festival in 1999, wanted bursts of laughter ensued to never end, and If Puri got a standing ovation for his performance in Damien O’Donnells hilarious kulturkrockskomedi East is East. For the role of the conservative family man, George Khan was nominated On the Puri also to the british film awards BAFTA.

Filmed by Lasse Hallström

The Swedish public know About the Puri, not least through his his bet against Helen Mirren in Lasse Hallströms drama 100 steps from Bombay to Paris, which was released in 2014. The drama about the indian family Kadam, who opens the restaurant in the French countryside, based on a novel by Richard C Morais.

Puri made a series of memorable international roles: in 1983, he appeared in Richard Attenboroughs Gandhi, with Ben Kingsley as the spiritual leader. 1993 acted in Puri homeless trebarnsfar in Roland Joffés drama the Good city, in 1994, he appeared in Mike Nichols varulvsdrama Wolf and 2007 also in the same moviemakers filmbiografi Charlie Wilson’s war, scripted by Aaron Sorkin. Played there About Puri including Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

“Happy with everything”

1990 praised Puri in their own country for their efforts, and was awarded the prestigious award Padma Shri. He was honored in 2004 for their efforts in the british film.

as late as in december twetade the actor about his career, according to The Guardian:

“I regret nothing. All I have done so far, I am satisfied with.I have never had a conventional appearance, but it has worked out great anyway, and I’m proud of that.”

If the Puri was 66 years.

Now hailed he on twitter:


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