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Reinfeldt criticized – “dare he not?” – Expressen

Fredrik reinfeldt’s interviews in sweden, with the Summit cut of the channel’s own presenter Anna Hedenmo.

She judge it as inconceivable that the former prime minister, miss critical issues that should be addressed to the leaders he interviews.

“Would he not? Dare he not?”, ask Hedenmo in a Facebook post.

IN SVT’s program “Summit” interview with Sweden’s former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt international policymakers on the best time.

Over the past few weeks have SVT sent interviews with both Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Danish prime minister and secretary general of Nato, and Condoleezza Rice, the former american minister of foreign affairs.

But the program has also received criticism for being too light-hearted – without the critical questions.

After the Friday evening section with British prime minister Tony Blair has also SVT’s own programme presenter Anna Hedenmo had enough.

Hedenmos criticism of Reinfeldt: Inconceivable

In a Facebook post addressed Hedenmo scathing criticism of both the SVT and Reinfeldt:

“It is inconceivable that Fredrik Reinfeldt misses the obvious critical questions about the Iraq war, and IS growing. He does not want to? Dare he not?”

“And why would not SVT a critical approach when Irakkrigets promoters and the architects would be interviewed?”

She will finish sawing with the words:

“The collegial tone – which of course is the series’ foundation – had absolutely survived a curious drilling in the most burning questions. Instead we got fawning"

“No question”

Anna Hedenmo was also critical in a Facebook post against Reinfeldt after the interview with Condoleezza Rice:

“No, Fredrik Reinfeldt is no interviewer. When he meets the former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is no critical eye, it burns never to, no questions asked. And this despite the fact that his respondent bears a large responsibility for the disastrous Iraq war”.

But Hedenmo also added in his Facebook update:

“And – to those who indignantly demanded that SVT will let the pros do these interviews – well, try to get Tony Blair or Condoleezza Rice on the hook, so you’ll see how easy it is!”

Criticized the “fjäsket”

Few journalists in Sweden have more intervjuerfarenhet than Anna Hedenmo. As the host of the Agenda, it falls often on her to interview the most powerful politicians of the SVT’s behalf, and she has also led intervjuprogrammet “My truth”.

It is not the first time Hedenmo roars against the own employer. Five years ago criticized she SVT to fjäska too much for the royal family. In an internal op-ed trembled she for the crown princess Victoria would become pregnant.

“Is this really worthy of a news service? And what awaits us now, for everyday baby-extra for breakfast?” wrote Hedenmo then.

the Sawing of the Summit may Anna Hedenmo be, notifies the SVT.

“this is a personal opinion that she has about the program, which she has posted on her private Facebook and we in the evening not to have any opinion on,” says Camilla Hagert at SVT’s press office.

Programbeställaren Helena Olsson has previously responded to criticism of the Summit in an op-ed piece:

” Fredrik Reinfeldt does not have a journalistic mission, he appears as himself – as a former prime minister of Sweden, taking advantage of the experience and contacts he has as such, she wrote then.

Anna Hedenmo declines to comment. Expressen have searched Fredrik Reinfeldt for a comment.


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