Thursday, January 5, 2017

Film star Elijah Wood visited Harads – Sweden’s Radio

Britta Jonsson-Lindvall at the Tree hotel said that the weather was not a problem for the film star.

” He seemed to like it very, very well because he has not complained about a smack on the cold. So he seems to thrive in this climate, ” she says.

the Actor and his girlfriend spent the night to Thursday in Harads. It took a while before Britta Jonsson-Lindvall understood who it was she had as a guest. Elijah Wood had booked the room in another name.

” We were not really safe in the morning for those who worked yesterday, did not recognize him. It was the guests who said to those who worked “but was it not he?”. Then he came down and my daughter knew him at once, of course, ” says Britta Jonsson-Lindvall.


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