Thursday, January 5, 2017

Must gitt More critique than moralsaga – Svenska Dagbladet

Ivica Zubak
Lena Endre, David Nzinga, Can Demirtaş
1hr 36 min

From 11 years. Script: Can Demirtaş, Ivica Zubak.

Score: 3 of 6

Metin is somewhere in his mid-30s, lives with his mother in Jordbro and muddle along on the thefts and receiving stolen goods. Hidden in the jacket, he carries with him a notebook in which he detailed and refined presents for all of life’s thefts, fights, and blodshämnder. When Metin one day decides to apply to the drama school – one of the film’s funnier scenes happen to be the book slip out of the jacket and ends up in the teaterkvinnan Lena’s hands. She becomes fascinated by the material and leaves it to her husband, a bokförlagsman who realize that it is, in every sense of the word raw prose is a potential gold mine. It remains only to convince Metin about the matter – and Metin are painfully well aware of what can happen if his texts ends up in the public sphere.

Ivica Zubaks other film "Must gitt" (the last came in 2007) is now not really the moralsaga of exciting clashes, it sounds like. For no group acts as exoticism blanket for the other, but the relationship between the Mr and the publisher is consistently one transaction, albeit one in which Metin takes the big risk. Want to find a criticism here so it is also as soon as how the media and, by extension, the present, greedily chasing after the where so piquant authenticity – a genuine gangster! – without necessarily caring about the human consequences.

most of the humor is placed in the seam between the Metins and friends ‘ miljonprogramsliv on the one hand, and theatre and förlagsfolkets well-heeled innerstadstillvaro on the other, where no one understands the other’s codes. That kind of storytelling is effective, but is likely also to beat the bucking – to confirm the stereotypes rather than challenging them – and sometimes hammering Zubak also a little too persistent, not least in the depiction of the sirlige the editor the Puma, whose polo shirts and kaffevanor are in stark contrast to the Metins unreasonable bufflighet.

But Zubak has a a private touch, a osentimental tone and look, which often lifts it a bit blocky story high above conventions. Perfect it is not, but "Must gitt" feels just as welcome a new start of an interesting berättarskap.


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