Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ivica Zubak gives his picture of the suburb and the cultural elite – the Swedish Radio

On January 6, has “Must gitt” movie premiere. The film is about a småkriminell förortssnubbe who loses his diary, it ends up in the hands of a publisher and he suddenly gets the offer to become the literary Sweden’s new voice from the suburbs. And give a new, or different, image of the suburb is also what the director Ivica Zubak had in mind when he worked with the film.

the Image of the suburb is not the one you often see on TV and hear about. You press up all the worst and takes away the positive, ” he says.

He tells the story of when they went around to find the location and met many of the positive examples that are rarely seen in public. Among other things, when a football pitch was inaugurated in the middle of the resort which brought hundreds of children and young people. “They chased the ball and not each other with guns”, says Ivica Zubak.

at the same time, there are a few chasing each other with guns, assaults, and selling stolen goods, also in your film?

” We wanted to show that some are playing football and others keep on with regularity. And even those who are with the disorder has a mother who is worried at home, and a lot of people who care about them. Nothing is black and white, ” he says.

it was a comedy of “Must gitt” was something that was natural.

– It is something that comes from within us, some stuff you can not control yourself. We had a lot of fun to the stereotypes and clichés that exist in society when we wrote the script. It was damn fun and I will probably work more with comedy, ” he says.

maybe It was a big advantage that we are not at all PK

the Day after the press event, it was a dödsskjutning in Rinkeby when two people died. It makes the laughter that get stuck in your throat, there are not a seriously to tell you about here?

“It does, but at the same time, tanned it in this World as well and humor is part of life,” he says and continues:

– You should not be afraid to tell a story that suits them best. This style suits me and Can (Demitras) good because we don’t feel lost, we feel at home in this. Maybe it was a big advantage that we are not at all PK, ” he says.

the main character is trying to enter the theater first, but fails and is then received by the publishing industry with open arms. the Question is what is the new image of the cultural elite you provide this?

” I do not think that I do. I am just telling a little of how I perceive the cultural elite of the day. It is the same with the suburb, it is only my truth and as I experience it.


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