Sunday, January 1, 2017

She is Måns Zelmerlöws gf – Expressen

Måns Zelmerlöw has been secretive with his new girlfriend – but beginning in 2017 to show love.

On Instagram, he puts up a kyssbild along with Ciara Jonson.

“Happy new year Ciara Jonson!!!” he writes to the image.

Måns Zelmerlöw, 30, has long chosen to keep his new girlfriend a secret to the public.

But new year – new tag.

the Artist chooses namely, to show himself and his girlfriend, Ciara Jonson on his Instagram to celebrate in 2017.

the image is Måns Zelmerlöw kiss the English actress Ciara Jonson. The couple smiles and looks to be among many other people at a party.

Zelmerlöw the opportunity to wish their followers, and his girlfriend, happy new year.

“Happy new year Ciara Jonson!!!” he writes to the image.

In less than half an hour had the picture gillats of over four thousand persons, and the couple is congratulated by the artist’s many fans.

“Aww what cute! Definitely the sweetest couple ever! Wish you both the best of luck in the coming year, love you,” writes a supportive person.

“oh my God, I was not expecting that… Haha happy new year to you both,” writes another person as a comment.

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Ciara Johnson is a british actress and röstskådespelerska. She is also the mother of a small child, which she shares photos of on her Instagram.

It had previously been rumored that it was the actress Jonson, who has stolen the Mans Zelmerlöws heart, and now the couple has decided to confirm their romance.

It is also Ciara Jonson who is the artist who created the album cover to the Zelmerlöws new cd “Chameleon”.

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