Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pernilla August: ”It was hugely nervous” – Aftonbladet

Is relieved after the mission

Before 10 000 people at Skansen reading Pernilla August the classic poem "Nyårsklockan".
Just before the stroke of midnight the rain stopped and it is a relieved Me as Nöjesbladet meets behind the stage at Skansen.
– It was hugely nervous, ” she says.

speaking to a packed Skansen read Pernilla August, dressed in white and with a book in hand, Lord Tennyson classic poem "Nyårsklockan". She was finished before the stroke of midnight and managed to participate in the countdown to the new year.
A relieved Pernilla August, meets the press backstage at the Solliden.
– It was a little bewildering and a lot of fun. It was hugely nervous. Much more nervous than what I thought it would be, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.
the Actress chose to depart from the originaldikten on several occasions. Instead of reading "ring hugsvalelse to the wounded bosom", she chose to change it to "call now consolation to the wounded bosom".
She also chose to modernise the sentence, "but call to sångarhjärtan skaparglöden" to "but call to everyone’s hearts levnadsglöden".

"Thought of all the beautiful people"

Just before she stepped on stage, she devoted a moment to think of all those who came to Skansen.
– I thought of all the beautiful people that were there. And so I thought that all people are kind people. And so, I thought of the beautiful poem. It has an incredibly beautiful message, and that you can actually sit on quite a lot, I think. It has a message of peace.
Before the mission, she has practiced a lot, attesting to her. She also tells that she was at Ikea when she got the call with the request.
– I got a phone call where among the shelves, ” she says, and continues:
– I started to read the poem, then it has come closer and closer. The last four days, has remained in the pocket.
everything Went according to plan?
– I have no idea about. There is someone else who may value it.
– It was a great day, breaks the Open-head John Brattmyhr check and notify.
What should you do now?
– Now I go to a party.
What are your hopes for 2017?
– I say it as the poem says. I hope for peace. More peace tha n what there is right now in the world. And a little quiet. It can we need all of them.


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