Friday, January 13, 2017

Swedish band to be hated after the Trump-confusion – Expressen

the Swedish cover band called The B Street Band has wrongly borne the brunt of the angry Bruce Springsteen fans.

It happens after a band with the same name has been booked to play at Donald Trump’s party.

– There are thousands of comments, people say that we should burn in hell, ” says Petter Filipsson, lead singer of the band.

During the campaigns ahead of the u.s. presidential election took Hillary Clinton using a range of celebrities in order to attract votes. One of them was hiv is Bruce Springsteen, who emerged as one of Donald Trump’s biggest critic.

Therefore it is perhaps not surprising that Bruce Springsteen fans now react with anger when Donald Trump has booked into The B Street Band, a rock cover band that plays Bruce-songs, to the its opening party in conjunction with that he will take over as president.

“Bombed at Facebook”

The more unexpected is that a cover band with the same name from the city of Västerås may take the hit on the social media, the VLT first reported on.

“yesterday, we received the comments with questions if we would really play on Donald Trump’s opening party, and then replied no,” says Petter Filipsson, lead singer of the Västeråsbandet The B Street Band.

But when he woke up on Friday the 13th had it taken off. On their Facebook page had the magazine Rolling Stone, with five million followers, linked to the Västeråsbandet.

Many left the less pleasant messages on the band’s Facebook page.

– When I wake up I see that the phone has been bombed with messages, comments, mentions and reviews, ” says Petter Filipsson and continues:

– There are thousands of comments, people say that we should burn in hell.

Comments pouring in

“You suck. Enjoy the end of your music career. No one will listen to people who play for hatspridare”, reads a comment on the page.


“Hahaha, nice of you failing your career for Donald Trump. Shame on you.”

on Friday, Peter Filipsson mejlat Rolling Stone and asked them to control the link right, but he has not yet received a response. And hatkommentarerna keep pouring in.

– It is comical but at the same time a bit sad that major newspapers and people do not take the trouble to check up on where they write. It feels like a part of the time, this with source criticism, and fejknyheter.

– Then, we are grateful for a little free PR, but our reviews have appeared in the bottom from the 4-5 to 1.


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