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Here is man’s rise to the Eurovision in Vienna – Expressen

Mans Zelmerlöw is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015th

After the final secret pact with Eric Saade took butter from Lund victory.

Here is his way from the “Idol” loss on disposal to represent Sweden in the Eurovision.

– My goal has always been to come here, he said.

“Idol 2005″.

Mans Zelmerlöw slides into the jury and lecture them:

– You have been hard today, I understand. It definitely looks like that. I’ll sing “Heroes” with Enrique, he said.

Since he flirted up Kishti Tomita – and succeeded. The butter from Lund had charmed the jury. And all of Sweden.

But there was no victory for Måns. 2005 Agnes and Sebastian years.

But Persistence wins. The following year saw Mans Zelmerlöw to winning “Let’s Dance” for after parties with Oasis stars and wage brawl. He followed up the victory with playing in the musical “Grease” and by getting his big break when he finished third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

So when Mans Zelmerlöw competed in Melodifestivalen 2009 with the song “Hope & amp; Glory “it was clear: this was Måns years.

posed on the Globe’s roof

Under the heading” Globe darling “posed Mans on the Globe’s roof. There, he promised to go to Eurovision in Moscow.

– From here I can almost see Moscow, he said.

It was expensive words. He fell in the finals and finished fourth. What had gone wrong?

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Mans Zelmerlöw think back on the final fiasco of 2009. The mistake was his own. He sounded favorite exclusion go to his head.

– It was terribly hard. Damn what it was unnecessary, he says and continues:

– I went up overall in that I have to win. Then I lost the joy and the synthesis of my number. It is dangerous to have favorite stamp if you go up in it.

Before the year’s final was therefore lid on if expectations. The artist and his management wanted barely figure in the success articles.

– We have been more restrictive. It is I who set the boundaries. Everyone around me has really gone up in the favorite stamp. I try to push it away. There are so many around me who want it to go very well, he says.

Instead concluded Mans Zelmerlöw a final pact with rival Eric Saade. The two built a ordfajt and Saade lent his Instagramkonto to let Måns solicit votes.

But the main change was Måns Zelmerlöws washing of his artistry. Gone are mass produced jingles like “Cara Mia” and “Hope & amp; glory”.

Instead, he released the album “Barcelona sessions” which were sawed by the reviewers and barely got any dissemination in either the radio or streaming services. But the flop also paved the way for success in the contest.

– It has not been easy to find what I should do. What am I good at? “Barcelona sessions” did go so good or bad as we had expected. It was a hard road back. Therefore, it is so great to be standing here now. I’ve never been near the top list on Spotify, he said.

But it Not only is the music that changed.

After Mans Zelmerlöw defected “Sing-along at Skansen” the artist has also abandoned its old image of mother’s dream. In the “yard” Last year, he went out and told openly about his repeated infidelities and the therapy he goes in order to overcome the problem.

– This is the right again. I started in the spring. We mostly sit and talk about issues that come up in my head. Even to overcome my confirmation needs and overcome that I’m a yes-man. I’m trying to do better. But have well now realized that now I’ll be single and playing of me simply, ‘he said then.

“Feel better by being honest”

The reason for the new openness is prosperous.

Mans Zelmerlöw got tired of living up to the demands on him, claims that he could not live up to.

– I have chosen to be more honest. I think I feel better to be honest. Previously lived up to the image created by me, that I am God’s best children. I do not think is so good. It is better to show that you are human like everyone else, he said.

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Now, he stands as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The accusations of stolen numbers and låtkopior could not reduce him. Along the way, he hejats front of the parents and the ex.

The dream he has been wearing for long. But he looks far ahead. It’s Eurovision he’ll win.

– My goal has always been to get here. It’s one of my big dreams, and it’s been there for years. I always wanted to represent Sweden in the Eurovision. There are pigs cool, he said.


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