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Stakka Bo hailed the “Bloodline” -skaparna – Aftonbladet

Recently released series “Bloodline” on Netflix.

Now celebrates the show’s creator Stakka Bo – who directed the first episodes.

The Swede invited also music between familjethrillerns footage.

– Stakka Bo was a really entertaining experience, says creator Todd A Kessler Nöjesbladet.

The trio behind the acclaimed television drama “Damages” is back with a new series that was released on Netflix today. And the “Bloodline” has Todd A Kessler , Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman received Swedish help. Johan “Stakka Bo” Renck directed the first two sections.

– He is an amazing and beautiful personality and has a great passion for exploration, says creator Todd A Kessler.

In between takes of the dark thriller family were invited team in the slightly Stakka Bo.

– It was phenomenal. He played some of his music and some of their videos and it was fantastic – a really entertaining experience, says Kessler.

Welcome back

All of the first season’s 13 episodes were released simultaneously. Would it be more seasons are Renck, which also include “Breaking Bad” on his resume, welcome back, says Kessler.

“Bloodline”, we follow the family Rayburn who runs a hotel in the US islands of the Florida Keys. When the family’s black sheep, Danny ( Ben Mendelsohn ), returns home idyll turns into a murder drama and more dark secrets come to the surface. The series, which Kessler wants akin to a long movie, jump between the past, present and future.

– Our style of storytelling will hopefully get the audience on a fantastic journey where they can expect the unexpected. Assumptions that you might do if a character in the beginning, we later peeling off, layer by layer, says Kessler.

Too bad over the barbecue

“Argo” -skådisen Kyle Chandler , also known as the FBI agent Patrick Denham in “Wolf of Wall Street,” playing one of the family’s four siblings, John, who works as a police officer. Chandler invited home the other on the grill night and talks about how everyone in the small production itself was like a little family.

– The whole thing was painfully pleasurable, he said.

– The archipelago is so isolated that it instantly becomes as part of Key’s family there, where all more or less know each other. And when we actress came down there and lived so close together, it became much easier for us to play sisters and brothers.

… the benefits of all episodes are released simultaneously:

– We are very excited about this because the series is best experienced by seeing multiple sections simultaneously. It could of course be a greater experience to see an episode a week, but we feel that we are going to a higher level of nuances in the characters and the audience to come closer and create a stronger bond with series like this.

… how he can compare the series “Damages,” which went for five seasons 2007-2010:

– For us it was “Damages” an even smaller production, so now we have taken a step into a larger Family and ensemble. What was amazing is that with the actors we had the opportunity to work with so we really felt that there was a tremendous amount of history and materials to produce.

… whether he and his brother Glenn downloaded some inspiration from her own family

– Both we and Daniel Zelman come from very similar structured families where everyone has three sons and both of our sets of parents have been married for over fifty years, so there are a lot of commonalities and experiences that we have shared and we wanted to keep everything together into the series “Bloodline”.

– There is a lot that is deeply personal in the show, but stuff happens there has not happened to us personally so it is not autobiographical in that way .


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