Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mans Zelmerlöw: “I’ll treat myself to everything” – Aftonbladet

He reached the goal in the end. He won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The day after celebrating Mans Zelmerlöw with signage and gluttony.

– There is total decking with pizza, soda, and somebody series. I’ll treat myself all in one week!

Sunday 12:20:

Mans Zelmerlöw wake up late in the hotel bed on the 24th floor, next to the Friends Arena. He’s too tired in the morning for television sofas. Adjacent is the statuette “songbird” showing that yes, he won the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday.


– It has not really sunk in yet. I burst out laughing when I brushed my teeth, because it’s so sick. I have longed for so long, and now I’m here, says a happy Mans Zelmerlöw interviewed by Nöjesbladet at the hotel.

The headache that causes him to massage his temples also testifies night victory party .

– I went around hugging people and was extremely happy to have family and friends there. Though it was totally Selfie World Cup, so I said barely more than two sentences to anyone.

“Lederhosen would fit”

New focus now, at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Changes in “Heroes” number has not had time to nail Zelmerlöw yet, but he was thinking of pyrotechnics to the last chorus – and maybe a change of clothes.

– There will be no jacket. Fixed … Lederhosen would surely fit in very well in Vienna, he says with a laugh.

Between ESC chores think Mans Zelmerlöw that he had to squeeze into songwriting, for the record company may wish to release new album in May Instead of October. Tight, but it should go.


Måns banks at the hotel, to go to …


… a mall in Sollentuna. Zelmerlöw met with slight hysteria, singing “Heroes” and sign boards for an estimated 600-700. Several fans beeps stjärnögt: “Oh my god!”.

“As a real artist”

More so, hope Zelmerlöw. Mello Victory is his peak, but now he wants all of Europe.

– When doing interviews in English, you feel like a real artist! Here’s how close a European tour, I have never been. The dream is some sold-out arenas throughout Europe, ending at Wembley. But it will probably not be in the too near future.


Last autograph is written, Mans Zelmerlöw have pain in your right hand and travel by car to the hotel. The sights are a one-week break from five months of hard training and diet.

– Pizza and chips I’ve been missing! And candy – God’s gift to man. I’m so fucking tired of quark. In the evening there will be total decking with pizza, soda, and somebody series. I’ll feel damn happy with myself.


Mans Zelmerlöw switches to his own car and steers towards downtown Stockholm to celebrate graduation from the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, in the best way he can think of:

– I’ll eat a Gambino, with lots of garlic and prawns. Bye!

large document: So he went from shy guy – to the ESC


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