Saturday, March 14, 2015

Audience: No, it will not even match! – Göteborgs-Posten

If you believe the audience at Friday’s rehearsal will be a utklassning victory Mans Zelmerlöw in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The Audience survey Melodifestivalen Club and Poplight conducted after the dress rehearsal gave an unexpectedly clear result: Arena crowd wants to see Mans Zelmerlöw in Vienna in May.

Zelmerlöw have been bettered favorite throughout the final week, but in the past there has been speculation about Mariette, Jon Henry Mountain Grens and Eric Saade opportunities to challenge.

But at the rehearsal audience is no competition. Mans Zelmerlöw get nearly as many votes as the runner-up, third and fourth together.

However, one should remember that this type of research is far from always consistent with the end result. In the finale, eleven international juries to have half the power.

Here are the full results of the public survey:

The first Mans Zelmerlöw (261 votes, 42.9%)

The second Eric Saade (75 votes, 12.3%)

The third Samir & amp; Viktor (72 votes, 11.8%)

4th Jon Henrik Fjällgren (70 votes, 11.5%)

5th Hasse Andersson (48 votes, 7.9%)

6th Mariette (34 votes, 5.6%)

7th Isa (24 votes, 3.9%)

8th Magnus Carlsson (21 votes, 3.5%)

9th Jessica Andersson (17 votes, 2.8%)

10.Linus Svenning (13 votes, 2.1%)

11.Dinah Nah (11 votes, 1.9% )

12.JTR (10 votes, 1.8%)

(Source: Audience Study conducted by the Eurovision Song Contest Club and Poplight. 608 people responded.)


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