Friday, March 20, 2015

Serneholt: Because she shuts himself – Expressen

… Sunday

– Then I’m off and need not set any alarm in the morning. There are two different types of dream Sundays. Either I’m home all day, walking around in sweats and looking at lots of comics. Or so I go out for a walk before I eat a long good brunch somewhere. After that it becomes cinema before I go home and sleep again. I take it very easy if I may.

… Career memory

– I will always remember when we were in South America with A-Teens. We went to Chile for the first time and had just been told that it had gone well for us there. When we get there we are greeted by thousands of fans. Every day of the week, it was thousands of people who were sleeping outside the hotel, we had armed guards and police escort in that way, I had only seen on TV before. I was 16 then.

… dance tune

– There is an old classic, I think almost that one may call it. Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love”. I am always glad when it kicks off and she is a great role model for me. She is absolutely incredible, when she sings on stage, how she moves. However, I am not the one who gets up on the dance floor and removes loose at a party. I would never step in and set me in that dance ring you know. I dance apparently only when there is a million people watching, ha ha.

… Crisis

– If I am to be completely honest, I have enough never been in a crisis, but you realize how fragile life is when people close to you goes away too early. This applies to seize life and enjoy. If I am sad and need cheering up I spend time with people I love, family, boyfriend and friends.

… load

– Now that it has just been semmeltider is semlan my best load. I eat excessively many because it is so good and it’s only for a certain limited period, you eat it. Otherwise, I like sweets and crisps. I eat candy, I would love to have a bowl of crisps to eat out simultaneously. I eat well and feel that I have balance. I enjoy a lot of food and I want to always be able to do.

… clothing

– Pants with a lot of stretch. I call them buffet pants, which you can eat in, but it hurts, haha. I have many such pairs. I think the best combination is when you feel fine and it is also convenient. I like jeans a lot, is well known as a jeans girl. In everyday life, I am quite basic, usually jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket if it’s the weather for it.

… relaxation

– Then it is enough to be home. I think it’s great to go out and do things well, I can definitely see the energy that way. But for me it’s pretty important to be home and just get shut myself. Have no schedule to follow, just be completely idle. However, I am pretty good at shutting down the e-mail and social media. I am too connected all the time.

… dish

– Can I brag a little, I think my potato gratin is pretty damn good. The trick is that the potatoes have to boil the cream with the garlic, salt and pepper so it will be gojsigt. Then pour off the excess cream. In everything in an ovenproof dish and with lots of Västerbotten. I serve the gratin to a good steak and red wine sauce.

… travel

– The latest. I was in Puerto Rico over New Year and had never been there before and it was a fantastic way to get start the new year. I have some friends who are from there, who thought that we would come and visit. The best part was the wonderful nature. There are so many different types of nature, rainforest, paradise islands.


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