Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The news of the night: the channels disappear from Telia – Aftonbladet

Last night it became clear: SBS Discovery channel disappears from Telia’s range.

Customers rage against the solution with the replacement channels – as many have already been in the range

– Honestly, I think it is crap, says Jeanette Höglund.

They negotiated until the very end.

But TV provider Telia and media company SBS Discovery could not agree on the SBS channels that were in Telia’s offer and how much it would cost provider.


At midnight confirms SBS Discovery’s press officer Dan Panas that the parties failed to be met and that their channels now disappear from Telia.

– Sadly, Telia has chosen to midnight switch off Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Discovery Channel, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, TLC and our other channels for their TV households. We think it is unfortunate that those who watch our channels through Telia suffer in this way. It is very, very sad, he said.

Nöjesbladet looking Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn.

The announcement means that viewers in some 700 000 households affected.

Presented stopgap

Earlier in the day, Telia had presented its emergency solution: the moment including Channel 5, 9, 11, and TLC and Discovery channels disappeared from the supply would be replaced by the channels Fox , National Geographic and NatGeo Wild.

– They choose instead to offer its customers the very small channels Fox, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild. Our channels are accessible at all other distributors and we see no reason why we could not exist even with Telia. Our door is open to them, says Dan Panas.

Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn told earlier in the day that she jumped that customers would see it as a reasonable compensation.

We hope that to do it but it will certainly be customers who do not like it. We hope they take the time to get to know the new channels, she said then.

She also commented on the storm of criticism on social media.

– There are very many disappointed customers who have heard by itself. Of course it is sad that our customers get trapped in this way.

Viewers critical

But hope was in vain. Throughout yesterday raged viewers from Telia solution.

Telia’s Facebook page bombarded with lots of critical posts.

“Sports Channel is replaced with natural channel ?? Would I pay to see even more pippande lions so I go on safari. Shoddily Telia. Miserable! “Wrote one of many outraged viewers.

Jeanette Höglund is one of the all Telia customers who have large Telia package. In that already includes compensation canals and she was compensated instead with a free month of streaming service HBO Nordic.

– I do not understand how you can call it compensation when the channels already available. And those channels that disappear are the ones I watch most, especially the five. It is not an adequate compensation. Honestly, I think it’s crap, she says.

Affected customers who are not satisfied with television package may terminate the service without notice.

Comments on Telia’s Facebook page (selection):

“does not want compensation !!!! Want channel 5. ROGER! “

” Sports Channel is replaced with natural channel ?? Would I pay to see even more pippande lions so I go on safari. Shoddily Telia. Miserable! “

” If all clients do as we intend to do so can Telia back with the neat sum of 6.123 billion SEK about a year. So one can only hope that the dispute was worth it “

” What a hell of Donald Duck compensation. Should not be more right that you at least halve the fees for lagom- and great package until you solved the conflict (…) What you got now’s not worth bin even. “

” Jahapp .. it means that one must look up any Romanian ugly-stream to follow the European Championship qualifiers? “

” Goodbye Telia! A loyal customer since 8 years now becomes Viasat customer who unfortunately are overloaded today ” strangely ‘”

” I have a box fyrtums-spike that I can give to you, so you can nail the back televisions -avdelningen for it does not work with you. “

Comments on Nöjesbladet articles and Nöjesbladet Facebook page (selection):

” Rotten to get ” compensation “with the channels they already have … As to dry out before shits”

“A bit like if you were to sit on the trial after having been grossly abused and the judge asks: Is it okay if you get a mallet instead of money? “

” Should we be forced to go to The Pirate Bay to see their favorite series in the future? “

” Telia can in this situation jump and shit. Time to change supplier. “

” Happy with the compensation ?! NO !!!! Just fine! “

” What a crap compensation. Why would I want them channels ? “

” But dammit !! The channels I have already? “

” The replacement of Channel 5 and Channel 11 with Fox and National Geographic is a joke! Think that Aftonbladet will launch a nationwide petition or petition to the channels shall be maintained as they are. “

” I think it is beneath contempt. If I bought a Mercedes so I do not have an Opel / WV instead. I want it to be I paid for. “


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