Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision Song Contest – Aftonbladet

Wilken Månsterzeger!

Mans Zelmerlöw became king of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, among both viewers and international juries.

– I’m so happy. I’ve longed for this since ’07, says Måns Zelmerlöw Nöjesbladet.

He came third with “Cara Mia” in 2007.

This year, he was touted favorite.

And the support kept the way into the tile. When segerkonfettin whirled stood Mans Zelmerlöw as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. He was then receiving the trophy Song Bird of last year’s winner, presenter Sanna Nielsen .

– Thank Sweden, he shouted from the stage.

He was at the top already when international juries spoken. But viewers entertained by “experts”.

Among the viewers, he received 35 percent of the votes corresponding to 166 points.

– It feels so terribly good. As I sat against the wall and would sing again I almost started bellowing said a segerrusig Mans Zelmerlöw Nöjesbladet after the broadcast.

– I am so happy and grateful. I’ve longed for this since ’07. I sat here and tried to take in what had happened. It felt absolutely sick to have a standing Friends stadium with 28,000 people. I shed almost a little tear and must be sung like a rake, but it may be worth it. I will do everything I can to win the Eurovision and fight in Vienna.

“We’ll take home this”

The big favorite also revealed that he struggled not to let the nervousness fuck his appearance.

– I find it easy to get blackout and I was scared to death, but it did not happen. I have tried to keep the pressure favorite. I’ve wanted to Eurovision all the time, I had been disappointed if it does not come to this, he said to SVT.

Afterward he grattades of the opponent Jessica Andersson in the SVT Transmission.

– He’ll do a great job, she said.

Even Sanna Nielsen was quick to congratulate the winner.

– He is so professional. He will do a great job in Vienna, that I can guarantee.

Jon Henry “a bit shocked”

But Måns was not the only favorite.

Nöjesbladet met a shaken Jon Henrik Fjällgren after transmission.

– It was tense, very nervous. I felt that I would not win, but maybe get a good position, he told Aftonbladet.

– I’m jumpy. I came second, I did not even think I would do it.

How does it feel to not scoop the prize?
– I’m very happy for Måns, he is cruel . I wish him good luck.

What do you think of his chances in Europe?

– It is hard to say, both are real good on its manner. But I believe in him.

But first await tonight’s victory celebration.

– I’ll celebrate so much with all of my relatives, family and friends and just have terribly funny, I’m so loaded. I celebrate the long and prosper, and shall drink as much champagne and dancing on the table. I will do so very stupid things. And celebrate with shots and quark, he said.


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