Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Metal attack on H & M’s fake shirts – Aftonbladet

H & amp; M started new metal bands to match their shirts?

No. But a secret collective have done it, in protest.

– Metal is more than “cool” logos on clothes … It makes one think that they want to mock metal people, says the author who wants to keep his identity a secret.

H & amp; M’s stores hanging rock band shirts, jackets and trousers. They are adorned with famous hard rock name like Metallica and Slayer – as well as the logos belonging entirely fictional band.

Yesterday they started rocking collection of pictures spin on the web, part of a mysterious launch campaign.

Several of Nöjesbladet unknown hard rock acts, such as “Mortus” and “Lany” H & amp; M’s faked ribbon shirts, presents suddenly with photos and real songs.

“down memory path”

Behind the bands are unknown PR group “Strong Scene Productions”. In a press release describing the group what sounds like an H & amp; M-cooperation:

“pleased to offer a musical walk down memory path, in support of Hennes & amp; Mauritz hard rock collection that highlights the talents and forgotten gems from the global underground scene in the metal “.

Confusion in the metal world

The confusion in the metal world has had time to become great. On Strong Scene Productions YouTube channel and Facebook page raging metal fans, who think that fashion chain insulting the hard rock by building up such a fantasy world around some garments.

Others laugh at what they assume is an ironic joke campaign from any private person.

H & amp; M: “No connection”

H & amp; M’s press officer Håcan Andersson says directly that the fashion giant has nothing with the mysterious metal bands to do:

– We have no connection whatsoever to this. The patches you see on the garments represents no real band.

Rock The site Metal Sucks have speculated about an art project is behind, and now Nöjesbladet confirm that this is the case.

“More than cool logos “

Nöjesbladet have been in contact with the person responsible for the coup, which asks to keep their identity hidden.

Hen reveals that a number of Scandinavians who works with music and media behind .

They are sick of the metal used in commercial contexts, and took the Swedish fashion giant ribbon shirts as an example:

– We started thinking about how far commercialism has come – that they give out clothing with logos that have no real groups and musicians behind … It makes one think that they want to mock metal people. Metal is more than ‘cool’ logos on clothing, for many music lovers.

A life after the coup?

The songs, bands pictures and the whole project should have been created in the course of a week, and was completed on Monday morning. The future of all of the coup’s subject matter is a bit fuzzy.

– Most likely, the bands cease to exist after these “15 minutes of fame,” but you never know. Blast might actually planning to give out ‘rest’ of his ‘old demo’. Haha!


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