Friday, March 20, 2015

Nöjesbladet reveals: “Game of Thrones” star ready for “Beck” – Aftonbladet

Mikael Persbrandt leaves a great void after they came out “Beck” films.

It is now filled by Norwegian “Game of Thrones” star Christopher Hivju, can Nöjesbladet reveal.

– I’ve been a “pitch” -Damn long, he said.

Earlier this week could Nöjesbladet reveal that Mikael Persbrandt , 51, jumps off “Beck” -The production although it remains recordings of four of the eight films in the new series.

The actor’s defection means the end for watching favorite Tomstad Larsson, a character who Persbrandt totally played 26 times for the new series premieres.

Now we can also reveal how the production company Filmlance handle the exodus.

‘Game of Thrones’ star clear

Some new Tomstad Larsson gets there.

However, the Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju , 36, – known from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Guldbagge Rewarded this year for “Tourist” – make a large, contemporary role as a police Steinar Hovland. He thus becomes Martin Beck, played by Peter Haber , new sidekick.

– It has been clear for quite some time. I’m very happy about this. I’ve been a “pitch” -Damn long time so it was obvious to say yes when it was possible to resolve schedule-wise. I have played many dangerous men so I think it’s really fun to play police, he said.

How do you feel about viewers and critics will want to compare your effort with Mikael Persbrandt as Tomstad Larsson ?

– It is clear that he has made a big impact as Tomstad. I’m a big fan of Persbrandt. He is a very good actor who has really created an iconic character. But I will not make a new Tomstad but a completely different type of role, he said.

“Fantastic Movie country”

Now he looks forward to the start of recording. In the spring he will stay in Stockholm during the weekdays. The family, the wife Dawn Molvær Hivju and the couple’s children, will be in time.

– I have always thought that Sweden is a fantastic movie country. I thought that even before the “Tourist”. I look forward to the recordings will start now, he says.

“Beck” -producenten Tomas Michaelsson Filmlance are very pleased to have signed on the Norwegian actress star who will be involved in three of the four closing films.

– We are super excited and confident that he will contribute to the great drama we want to create in this group after that come out in the media this week. Kristofer’s a really good actor. I think it gives a boost to the whole project as you have not seen before, says Thomas Michael, producer at Filmlance.

According to him, it is decided how Tomstad Larsson will disappear from the series.

– But what happens to Tomstad we will not tell you, it may be seen in January 2016 in the fifth film in the series premiere, he said.

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