Sunday, March 15, 2015

Despite the chaos: The app back in the Eurovision Song Contest next year – Aftonbladet

Röstningsappen may have been hacked.

But one thing is clear: SVT intend to use it again.

– Half a million Swedes have said they want to vote via the said Melodifestivalen manager Christel Tholse Willers.

In the middle of Melodifestivalen grand finale wrecked omröstningsappen which 525,000 registered users have free voted with the Melodifestivalen tour.

When it suddenly became impossible to apprösta Jon Henrik Fjällgren , forced the program hosts Sanna Nielsen and Robin Paulsson to refer the Swedish people to phone and SMS instead.

The Saturday appkaos rev up the angry voices of viewers, and SVT chose to delete all apprösterna the finale results.

The cause remains unclear

On Sunday afternoon, SVT has still not sorted out what caused it as Aftonbladet Markus Larsson calls “appokalyps.”

Melodifestivalen director Christel Tholse Willers provides Nöjesbladet a progress report before she flies away at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Vienna:

– Our tech-savvy people are working on, to answer to what it is that may have caused the servers wiped out. Something has happened and we do not rule out an attack. The app had no technical problems, but about the servers.

A common mistake

Marcus Murray is a security expert and working for cyber security firm TrueSec. He says that a hacker attack may be behind the crash, and that such can be a bit difficult to detect.

– When we do, incident investigations, it may at first seems to be a common glitch, later prove something done intentionally by an attacker.

It would not be so unexpected if a hacker settles in the right Melodifestivalen app or the servers that communicate with, says Marcus Murray.

– It’s a very public services under the a very public occasion, so one might think that there is an interest for some individuals to do something against such an app, if you want attention.

Murray says that the fault may lie in the app too low security. It is quite common that anyone who orders a new app that does not work with a bank or other super sensitive content, indicating little too low security requirements.

The app will return

The security expert also speaks of that proper testing is required, in the style of crash tests on new cars.

– It is important to not only look at the little problems that arose right now, but there may be many potential problems. SVT should see it as an indication that you need to go through the entire app properly, says Marcus Murray.

Christel Tholse Willers await the report from the group that investigates the error. She hopes that a solution will rapidly.

SVT wants namely to use the same app in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

– It is not just us who want to keep the app. Half a million Swedes have said that they want to vote through it, and pretty soon we will start work in 2016. So it is obvious that we need to look at how to secure that kind of platform, says the director.


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