Monday, March 23, 2015

Panetoz got enough of racist attacks – Göteborgs-Posten

Panetoz video for the new song Norway got over 21,000 views in 16 hours. But while it plummeted into racist comments. Eventually they got enough.

The group Panetoz is perhaps best known for his genombrottslåt Dancing pause from 2012, which has been close to 5.4 million times on Youtube. They also took to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest last year with After sunshine.

On Friday there was video premiere for the song Norway, where they have created their own dance to the neighboring country.

– It is many countries in the world that has its own dances, including azonto from Ghana, dancehall from Jamaica, small frogs in Sweden and in Finland the tango. So when the question “How they dance in Norway?” Appeared, we did it Panetoz do best, says the group in a press release.

The purpose is to spread the joy of dancing and to include the audience is encouraged to make their own versions of dance video. It started well: Within 16 hours the video over 21 000 views, which is a record for the group.

But a few days after the release Panetoz chose to remove the link to the video and placing a new one. The reason: A lot of racist attacks in the comment fields, mainly in English.

“In all the years we have worked with to try and spread the love we have had to live with racist comments on our videos. Yesterday, it was exceptional” writes Panetoz on Facebook and concludes:

“Thanks again to all of you who choose to comment to show that you like something and want to give love and encouragement back! We also thank those of you who give constructive feedback on something you do not like. “

Here the new link to the video on Youtube


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