Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The owner of valuable typewriter found – Göteborgs-Posten

Now it is clear who the owner of the valuable typewriter that was found in the studio to program the Week crime. Value: One million dollars. At least.

It was a very hullabaloo when the former Antikrundan-expert Peter Pluntky phoned in to the program of the Week break in February.

The reason he got in was that he had caught a glimpse of a very special typewriter behind the program host Leif GW Persson in the studio – host breathtaking one million dollars!

No one knew then how the typewriter, which was a fine specimen of Rasmus Malling-Hansen writing ball, the world’s first mass-produced typewriter, had ended up in SVT’s rekvisitförråd.

– It is breathtaking. Strange that no one viewers have contacted during the seasons as it stood in the studio, but it is clear, often the only svischat by in the background, said the program’s editor Lars Olof Lampers to GP.

It was determined early on that it would be returned to their owners if they found out who donated it to the company, because it was so obvious that write masking been given away by someone who did not know its value.

The typewriter is returned

SVT’s staff magazine Vipåtv could last Tuesday reveal who the lucky owner of the typewriter are: production manager Christina Lindgren, who works at SVT in Stockholm.

The typewriter she received in gift from a relative eight years ago.

– It saw the fun out, she tells the magazine.

Since then it has been nedpackad and moved around between the balcony, car and storage, until Christina Lindgren finally found’d had enough and gave it away to SVT’s rekvisitlager Magazine fourth

stored in safes

And now therefore a happy Production regained treasure, after a quick detective work from SVT’s side.

During the search’s time it has been stored in a safe in the security department. Even Christina Lindgren will be careful how she keeps dyrgripen. That it would be at her house is completely out of the question.

– No, it will direct to another secure location, renovated and maybe go on sale, she says.

The question is if not, Leif GW Persson will miss it?

– I can not miss something that I did not know what it was, he says apropos of it in an episode of the Week crime.


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