Friday, March 27, 2015

Zayn Malik’s defection causes emotional storms – Expressen

MUSIC. Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, something tearing up feelings among thousands of fans. Not least on social media expresses many young people his despair over the defection.

“I’m a fan so fucking depressed that Zayn leaves”

“I’m sitting here crying Zayn has left unable Why / Why is life so horrible Zayn in Willingen alwas love u.”

So writes two Swedish Twitter Users apropos to Zayn Malik leaving the boy band One Direction.

The reactions are strong and emotional seas are rough on social media where thousands of fans, preferably children of secondary school age, expressing their grief and despair over Zayn Malik’s desire to become a “normal 22-year-old” .

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taken seriously

Adults may find it difficult to take this emotional storm seriously, feelings that may seem disproportionate to what actually happened. Anne-Liis von Knorring, Professor Emerita of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Uppsala University, argue that they should not be brushed aside.

– Clear that feelings must be taken seriously. It does not matter if they are disproportionate or not. They are right there, she says.

Shortly after the defection became public also started other, less pleasant, prompts pop up on social media. For example, the hashtag “cut4Zayn” where dedicated fans urged to cut themselves, until the Zayn Malik changes and return to the band. The message is accompanied with bloody images of the slit arms.

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Cold head

In the UK now calls on aid organizations distraught fans to keep cool, be wary of social media – and to seek medical advice if necessary.

– The problem is that the negative things can be strengthened by stir up one another, which is troublesome. If you have a child that express these feelings should seek above all to listen and take the child’s feelings seriously. One should certainly not just laugh it off, says Anne-Liis von Knorring.


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