Friday, March 13, 2015

Now threatened Ingemar Stenmark health of the daughter’s Norwalk virus. – Aftonbladet

So far he has taken up the dance floor fit as a fiddle.

Now threatened Ingemar Stenmark health of the daughter’s vomiting disease.

– I hope I do not have, says big favorite.

Ever since its inception, this year’s “Let’s Dance” -The production suffered from illnesses and injuries. On Monday broke Jenny Östergren rib and then the weekend has Jonas Bjorkman has been home with the flu. Now also risk big favorite Ingemar Stenmark to suffer an unwelcome affliction. At home in the villa in Vaxholm is in fact seven-year daughter Iza – with a stomach bug.

– She is overrated sick, but it has just gone over now, says Ingemar Stenmark.

“Rather cold”

During the week, he has not been able to isolate themselves from the rest of the family, but spent time with both my boyfriend Tarja and Iza. Now hope skiing star that he should be able to avoid infection – despite the closeness.

– I hope I will not have it. Rather cold is vomiting disease, he says.

But the diseases prevents the family from supporting Stenmark in place during the evening program.

– I do not think they will, in that Iza is sick I do not know if she has time to get healthy before it. And then probably will not Tarja either, he says.

Going straight home

How does it feel to compete without their support?

– Just when you dance, you are so into it, then do not worry. But afterwards it ‘s great that someone is watching.

Instead of partying with the other participants Ingemar Stenmark driven home to his family after each Friday’s final. It leans towards he does the same tonight.

– I’ve been tired, so I have not managed anything like that. It takes a while to run out to Vaxholm where I live and so should you up and train on Saturday morning. And I’m not 20 years longer, he said.


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