Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson gets fired from “Top Gear” – Aftonbladet

The well-liked “Top Gear” -programledaren Jeremy Clarkson gets fired.

writes BBC boss Tony Hall said in a statement.

There, he reveals also the details of the acclaimed row: “An innocent employee had to visit the emergency room.”

The BBC’s chief executive Tony Hall says that it “was not an easy decision,” but that Jeremy Clarkson 54, has gone over the limit.

“I can not condone what happened this time,” he said in a statement.

turned off after matbråk

It was on 10 March Clarkson turned off after an altercation with a producer in connection with a “Top Gear” recording.
The cause of the conflict should have been that the presenter was unhappy with the food.

The BBC launched an internal investigation of the incident. According Hall is involved broadly agree on what happened during the fight.

The statement reveals BBC boss details about the incident:

“A totally innocent employee did visit the emergency room after a physical altercation followed by persistent and prolonged verbal abuse. “

Hall continues:
” There can not be one rule for one person, and another rule for another person. “

ruled racially

It has stormed around Jeremy Clarkson earlier. He has several times been severely criticized for racist and bigoted statements.

Almost a year ago, he was forced to apologize after having expressed himself grossly racist in a “Top Gear” section.

Unclear Future

” Top Gear “is one of the world’s most watched television programs. Now is the BBC challenged to do the show without it immensely’s popular Clarkson. The statement admits Tony Hall that it will not be easy.

“This will be a great challenge and it is pointless to pretend otherwise.”

When Clarkson was closed of started the petition “Bring back Clarkson” on It became the fastest-growing campaign ever on the site. Currently, over a million people have signed the petition.

The other two “Top Gear” -programledarna – James May and Richard Hammond – must previously have said they do not want to continue without Jeremy Clarkson.

James May describes the incident as “a tragedy”. But he is a man of few words about the future of the BBC.

– I do not want to talk about it so much. But I think we three is very much a unit, he said, according to The Telegraph.

The trio led “Top Gear” since 2003.


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