Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The second time the prize goes to a reading promotion organization – the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

This year’s Alma Price goes to the promotion of reading the South African organization Award PRAESA (Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa). Organization, an independent research and development unit at the University of Cape Town, started its operations in 1992.

It is the second time in Alma Prize thirteen year history that the prize goes to a reading promotion organization. In 2007 it went to the Banco del Libri in Venezuela and in 2009 Tamerainstitutet in Palestine.

Award PRAESA works broadly , but all their activities are based on a democratic basic attitude. What specific emphasis is that South African children should have access to books in their own language. (You speak many different languages ​​in South Africa).

It operates several reading and storytelling projects in order to bring to life the literature and provide children with reading experiences. Likewise, working with a lot of networking and contacts with other organizations to promote reading, writers, illustrators and publishers.

The democratic engagement seen in particular in that they love to direct their efforts to socially deprived areas. Meanwhile, the concern that the business is in line with current research. It encourages not only the child’s own reading, but also tries to encourage parents, grandparents and teachers. The work at the grassroots level, including training of volunteers is essential. Praesas quality standards are high. Only literary lödiga books should be in the children’s hands.


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