Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saade heading towards new goals – Aftonbladet

He wanted to Eurovision – but finished fifth.

This is why Eric Saade planned new major investment in secret between race and the final.

– Everything all about what you do after, he said.

Eric Saade , 24, went to the finals as planned after the opening round of Gothenburg.

wanted to win the whole thing

Much earlier, he had said that the goal was to get to the Eurovision Song Contest – and win the whole thing.

But already after the race he started working on what would come later, just in case it would not last the distance.

– Nothing’s about what you do in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s all about what you do behind when it comes to his career. So many do not succeed with the thing, he says.

No one hit wonder

– I managed it last because I released “Hearts in the Air” after “Popular”. The toughest is always to come up with the next single, many become a “one hit wonder”. Therefore, I focused on what I would do when the cameras go out.

So this is a way to keep the focus on you, no matter who won?

– Yes, I hope the fans enjoy it anyway. If I release music that is a “banger”, then the focus to be. Career-wise, you can win the Eurovision song contest, and you can also win the Eurovision Song Contest. So far I have been lucky enough to do both, he said.

– You know how I am, I have to be number one. And if I’m not working the hardest, there will always be someone else who works harder.

Ep, albums and tour

Both an EP and an album is expected during the year, and in addition a small mini-tour in the spring it will be a major summer. Everything is planned to eventually take over Germany and start beating internationally.

‘I’ll win “

– I know what I want and I still want to win Eurovision. This time it was not so. But I’m 24 and not really stressed, but at some point I’ll win. But I can not promise that I’ll participate again, he said.

Måns won feels really good and I’m just so happy. It’s my anniversary this year, it’s there anyway.


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