Monday, March 16, 2015

Princess Birgitta speak out: The King is jealous – Aftonbladet

This makes the Princess Birgitta premiere – in a reality show.

In TV3′s “Parnerviks” she tells us about his relationship with the king.

– I know he has been jealous of me. Or jealous named it. I know he’s been, she says in the program.

Today, reality show “Parneviks” premiered on TV3.

In the first section, the visit of “Paradise Hotel” star Samir Badran , 24, the former V-conductor Ohly , 58, and the King sister Princess Bridget , 78th

But Haga Sessan receive significantly less space in the program than the other two guests.

Got some TV time

According to sources in the production, it is a conscious choice that the princess had so little TV time.

– Obviously, not everything is filmed join the program, and our aim is that everyone should feel comfortable and satisfied with how they are produced, says Susanne Nylén , Head of TV3.

“He does not understand”

The program tells the normally so media shy princess about his relationship with his brother the king.

– He does not understand how I struggle to Sweden. He does not.

It is during a dinner at the home of the family Parnevik Bridget gives his views on sibling exclusion.

– I know he has been jealous on me. Or jealous named it. I know he has been. But that he must not say. Because I’ve only fought for him. I have only my brother in the head all the time, she says.


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