Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Johan Rylander: Sudden is still an evil lottery – Göteborgs-Posten

Go out and create a hero, says Roger Rönnberg face eraser. A knäskott later born just one of those – in Växjö.

The feeling is that Växjö Lakers has a switch to during almost the whole record game , something more to conjure up. Team steady dance, let Frölunda be led by a slovenly foxtrot.

Tomi Kallio bunch of fires 52 shots against Sovereign Lasse Johansson – but there is something of the Indian team that was picked up with after the turn towards Lulea .

Confidence. A brand new.

One hell of which you get to come back after an injury. A desire that you are filled then you just become a father for the first time. A will that you pick up when you scorned as soft in the media.

This is also why Frölunda actually hangs out with in 104 minutes. For so long will this record shocker, the longest playoff game as Frölunda ever played.

Then, take the tour ended.

Tuomas Kiiskinen buy a lottery ticket in Vida Arena , shoot the victory to Växjö with the Michael Wikstrands knee.

Heavy course – but only 1-1 in matches.

WE WILL FIND something more positive? Frölunda’s boys play suddenly playoff hockey as experienced men. It is often clever, a flipping the puck out of their own zone instead of beautiful passes. An edging as team mate rather than a real player in the shade.

Still, it Vaxjo is stronger in the end. At the end of the second period, for example, Frölunda really tight – and both Christian Backman plus Christoffer Persson has big problems with the tempo.

Perhaps it is also the Lakers passes, which at times is brilliant, that makes it look as if Frölunda lost strength. The day that all passports sitting on the blade can not even brilliant Lasse Johansson keep receiving a full match to …

By the way, SPEAKING OF DECISION to arrest rogles Tough Andre Deveaux to fool the appearance Thursday: There is a Disciplinary in Swedish hockey. There is a system of rules. There is also a club that has already taken its responsibility – and kicked player for all time.

That it should be legal case for anything that happens on the rink is to take it as far as Canadian made on that warming. the far, that is.

IT’S GETTING little difficult with all the damage to the Frölunda forwards. When Nicklas Lasu well back so go Ryan Lasch on one stone, forcing him to step down.

bad – for the little American looks really sharp out until he gets knocked up by old team mate Noah Welch .

Finally: Sure, I said that I hate the sudden? I am not made like that.

Anybody have some heart medicine over?

I have a feeling I will need it before this match, the series is over.


Knowing. Frölunda see that the team can upset the Vaxjo – even away from home. Just an unlucky bounce the puck destroys the evening.


atmosphere. Full Vida Arena – yet so quiet at times that you can talk in normal conversational tone. Despite pappklappor!


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