Friday, March 13, 2015

Two make up – but he wins the Eurovision Song Contest – Aftonbladet

Either it becomes Mans.

Or Zelmerlöw.

Or “Yum-Yum”.

Somewhere there has you are the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015th

By all be wrong.

Trying to predict how TV viewers vote is about as to predict weather – doomed to fail.

But Mans Zelmerlöw has upwind, red math underfoot, béarnaise sauce on the plate and a glass of champagne in hand.

Separately, both the song and the number of deficiencies. “Heroes” lacks a hefty punch line and it is easy to see a little silly when performing with an animated elf. But when the pieces are put together – the melody, the number, the artist – the whole would a winner.

The only thing that seems to threaten Zelmerlöw is Jon Henrik Fjällgren .

The question is whether the fight will be as smooth as that between Ace Wilder and True Nielsen in the last year, the one that got SVT recount the votes cast and TV host Anders Jansson to sweat down my cheeks broadcast live.

But the duel is at least interesting.

Rarely have two equal Opposites made up the winning trophy.

A reindeer herders against a gold medalist in the “Let’s Dance”, rural against urban mainstream, yoiking against David Guetta .

Mans Zelmerlöw is a prototypical contest winner. Mown, known, experienced, normal and right.

He represents something that does not scare anyone and fits in anywhere. It is as if he had been made by Ikea. While Jon Henrik Fjällgren represent a minority, country sent and history that rarely appear on prime time.

And where other artists almost cuts the Achilles tendon to get seen and heard in glitter bubble is Jon Henrik Fjällgren, yes, quiet. He gets Ingemar Stenmark appear as a rattle buffoon.

Much will be forgotten by all that happened this season, but not Scales Grens artist presentation in Ostersund.

What did he want anything to do – take care of reindeer or be an artist?

The answer was succinct: “Reindeer.”

Or when Aftonbladet attacked reporters Torbjorn Ek and Helena Trus interviewed Mountain Branch in Östersund and he shyly asked:

“You like me a little bit, right?”

Yes, it’s very easy to like Jon Henrik Fjällgren. Particularly if you do not have to hear his contribution.

And the first final rehearsals?

The biggest surprise was that the Mountain Branch did not deliver his “Sweden, this chant is for you” and that “the artist formerly presented by TV4″ missed a fistbump.

The press bunker fell off the chair.

We fell. Of the chair.


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