Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Political scientist: Åkesson can get a weaker role than before – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

In an interview with Skavlan SVT, who Current showed an excerpt on Monday, announces Jimmie Åkesson that he will start working as leader of the SD again after March 31.

It sounds almost as divided party leadership.

Ann-Cathrine Jungar

Ann Chatrine ples, a political scientist at Södertörn University, says that voter support for SD has continued to strengthen during Åkesson’s absence. She argues, however, that the internal dynamics of the party may have changed for good.

– It may be that some have taken the opportunity to advance their positions when Akesson been away, says Jungar.

Previously, Jimmie Åkesson the face, the then party secretary Björn Söder was the organizer and team leader Mattias Karlsson, who stood in as party leader, was ideologist, according Jungar. In January this year took Richard Jomshof over as party secretary.

Another contributing factor to potential shifts in power may be that the party has grown and therefore there are several new SD MPs.

In the interview in Skavlan said Åkesson not going to start working at full force right away.

– There should be a gradual return where I might focus primarily on working with the party’s inner life and start participating more in meetings, says Åkesson in the interview.

According Jungar it may be a sign that Akesson will not have as much influence in the party as he had before sick leave, and that Mattias Karlsson will retain some of the information he has had during Åkesson’s absence.

– It almost sounds like shared party leadership, if it gets Mattias Karlsson, who may continue to bear part of the role, says Jungar.

To Akesson has been absent without voter support declined suggest that SD has an organization that is not dependent on the party leader, and thus different party from the most right-wing populist parties in Europe, according Jungar, researching the right-wing populism.

– Previously it was thought that these parties are always so bound by a charismatic leader, but it is not always longer, says Jungar.


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