Thursday, March 19, 2015

Secret musical genius Max Martin: “Will celebrate with Frameless” – Aftonbladet

He is a world renowned låtskrivargigant. He is also one of the Swedish music miracle most shady people.

But today appeared Max Martin, 44, in Stockholm – to receive the Government’s Music Export.

– I want to thank my family, ‘he said from the stage.

Max Martin , or Martin Sandberg that his real name, is known for at least two things: He is a brilliant songwriter who works with many of the world’s most famous artists. And he gives almost never any interviews.

Therefore, expectations were high when he appeared in the Foreign Ministry’s banking hall in central Stockholm today.

Thank the government

Max Martin would receive music export price and the honorary award from the government for his contributions to the Swedish music scene. It’s the first time ever that the same person may be both awards.

– It is a great honor for me to hand over these prices to someone who made great contributions to the Swedish music exports and the image of Sweden abroad, said Industry Minister Mikael Damberg.

But the meeting was just waiting for one thing: A few words from låtskrivargeniet. They also came, when he entered the stage.

– I want to thank the government. And that’s something I never thought I would have to say, joked Max Martin.

– I also want to thank all the artists and all medlåtskrivare. I also want to thank my family and all who came here today.

“Should work with more artists”

Then proceeded Mikael Damberg by reading the nomination for honorary award.

Then was the 44-year-old music giant Mind seriously. He looked down. He seemed like wanting to downplay the nice words by smiling apologetically.

“Really good, I am surely not,” saw Max Martin out of thinking.

But what Max Martin was really thinking was not so easy to know. He said is nothing about it. Before he ran off the stage shared, however, songwriter brings some plans for the future.

– Now I drink a lot frameless in a sweep to begin with.

– Then we drive on. We will work with more artists, more songwriters to bring in more talent in the system. A good way to do that is to make sure that young people feel that it is possible, that there is a possibility and that there is no eternity long way to go to get their music. It is also important to get more girls technicians and producers, not only as singers and performers. We will try to promote.

Behind the scene, Max a hug by Mikael Damberg. But then it quickly became clear that he thought he talked enough. Expectant journalist Assembly could only crestfallen look on as the legendary promptly withdrew.
Currently, Nöjesbladet no idea when he will please the show itself again.


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