Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett is dead – Aftonbladet

Terry Pratchett died after a long battle against Alzheimer’s. He died at home, surrounded by his family. According Pratchett’s publisher Larry Finlay “slept author cat on his bed” when he died.

– The world has lost one of its brightest and smartest brains, says Larry Finlay in a statement.

“Fortified planet”

After his death became known was a last greeting on the author’s twitter account:
“The End.”

In an earlier post was written:

“Terry took death hand and followed him through the doors than in the black desert during the endless night. “

– Terry fortified planet that few others before him, says Larry Finlay.

More than 70 books

Pratchett is best known as the man behind the hit series “Discworld”.

He was a prolific writer. During his career, he wrote over 70 books.

2009 Pratchett was knighted for services to literature. He received the title of “Sir”.

The beloved author wrote clearly his last book last summer.

“Met the disease courageously”

Pratchett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007 . But he continued to write despite the disease. But the beloved author also spoke openly that he initiated a process to implement an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, according to The Guardian.

The plan was initiated after he made the film “Choosing to die”, which is about a hotel millionaire who is helped to take his life.

According to the publisher committed but not Terry Pratchett suicide.

– Terry met his illness publicly and courageously. In recent years, it was the writing that made him continue. His legacy will endure for decades to come, says Larry Finlay.

Terry Pratchett became 66 years old. He mourned the closest of his wife Lyn and daughter Rhianna.


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