Monday, March 30, 2015

Telia can quench TV channels – Aftonbladet

From midnight April 1 risk Channel 5, Discovery Channel, Channel 9, Eurosport, Animal Planet, TLC and Channel 11 will be closed down for Telia customers.

The date Despite However, these are not an April Fool’s joke, assures both Telia and SBS Discovery’s press managers.

– We are as far apart as you can get, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

At midnight in late March / early April in danger all Telia customers to get rid of SBS Discovery’s TV offering.

Overall risk 700,000 customers affected by decision, which is based in a brawl between the provider Telia and television giant SBS Discovery.

According to Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn these are that the company does not want to accept the conditions SBS Discovery sets.

– SBS Discovery compels us to package the channels we see that our customers do not want, says Irene Krohn.

How is it that there are so quick jerks, this starts the valid already the day after tomorrow?

– It is really sad. The reason is that we thought we could solve this until the very end, says Irene Krohn.

How customers will be compensated, provided that you do not reach a solution?

– We will offer a compensation offer to our clients, but I dare not say what it will be.

How close to a solution do you stand?

– As it is right now so we are very far apart. We have not closed the door for further dialogue with SBS Discovery, but we are far apart right now.

Even Dan Panas, press officer at SBS Discovery regret that customers may be affected.

– We think it’s very sad. There are Telia customers affected by this. We can only regret it, said Dan Panas.

How is it that it took the eleventh hour before you come out with this?

– The you may include Telia.

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