Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So replaces Telia customers – Aftonbladet

Channel 5, Eurosport and Discovery channels are some of the channels that will most likely disappear in the night.

Telia customers are replaced instead with the channels Fox and National Geographic, says company on his website.

– We hope that customers think it is a fair compensation, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

The impasse persists.

Telia and SBS Discovery has still not reached an agreement and now everything indicates that Telia night of Wednesday removes SBS Discovery progam offering for their customers.

In a message at Telia’s website has now expired with the replacement channels that are current. Fox, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild given location instead of SBS channels Channel 5, 9 and 11 and Eurosport and Discovery channels.

– The probability is well relatively large that this will be the solution. We have not closed the door to call but it does not look very bright, says Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn .

“Very many disappointed”

It was on Monday evening Telia went out with information about the channels in danger of disappearing. In Telia’s Facebook page has infuriated customers heard of and above all criticized the company for a poor foresight.

– There are very many disappointed customers who have contacted us. Of course it is sad that our customers get trapped in this way, says Krohn.

Do you think that the substitute channels is a reasonable compensation for customers?

– We hope to do it but it will certainly be customers who do not like it. We hope they take the time to get to know the new channels, says Irene Krohn.

On the home page Telia writes to customers from today have the opportunity to cancel the service without notice.

SBS Discovery believes that Telia is not valued in the range high enough, while Telia believes that SBS Discovery offered a too expensive package in relation to the channels’ ratings.

Dan Panas is press officer at SBS Discovery .

– I am looking to offer their customers the channels Fox and National Geographic and there are channels in the first quarter of this year equals one percent of the total TV viewing in Sweden. They are together about as big as the Discovery channel. If it becomes necessary to substitute channels, it is up to Telia customers to determine if there is a generous offer, he said.

Like Telia Irene Krohn, he can not give a definitive answer about the companies will reach a settlement before midnight .

– After midnight is our channels available from all other distributors in Sweden. I see no reason why Telia should not be one of them. Here are our door still open, says Dan Panas.


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