Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SVT is investing in new comedy programs – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

– We want to get the Youtube generation, so that they feel that their humor is also represented, says Anders Jansson.

“Happy Hour” mixed skits and “funny incident” with archive material from SVT the former humor productions like “Mia and Klara”, “Nilecity” and “The neighborhood Magpie”. The inspiration for the format has been taken from school classrooms.

– Most Swedish comedians were probably just those who held the fun hours in school. We are trying to achieve the same combination of visual and tricky feature of the program, says Anders Jansson.

Each week the program is visited by two comedians guests. What it will be is not fully established yet, but according to Anders Jansson, they look at candidates whose humor is not “too difficult”.

– Since we also try to get a good mix of our guests in terms of age and sex he says.

Perhaps it is precisely the broad to the number necessary to get viewers to bang out an hour on Friday evening. Recently, comedian Sissela Benn, who participated in Melodifestivalen with the character Filippa Bark, how niche humor can divide the audience in the camps.

– Humor can not exceed 100 percent right, so it is always, and you should not be afraid to do their thing. But at the Eurovision Song Contest is a difficult forum to make humor in because one must subordinate itself to the music competition. I think Sissela did it with honor, says Anders Jansson.

Mats Grimberg, project manager at “Happy Hour,” says SVT are very happy with the choice of host.

– We could not think of anyone better than Anders. He is a very multifaceted comedian with a huge comic timing. He is also an ideas man of God’s grace that has been very involved in the script and to brainstorm ideas.

“Happy Hour” will premiere in BBC1 May 8


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