Saturday, March 14, 2015

Three prize winners from the GP of the Year photo – Göteborgs-Posten

After that prices in Picture of the Year distributed in Photographic in Stockholm on Saturday, could be three GP photographers leave the gala with heavy awards: Lisa Thanner, freelancer Jonas Tobin, and Olof Ohlsson who practiced at the newspaper last year.

– It’s a little hard to digest still. I’m not done with my education, and that students get to share the stage with some of the best photographers … what can I say? Amazingly awesome and fun, says Olof Ohlsson.

The story of Nepalese migrant workers conditions in Qatar, which he both photographed and wrote the lyrics to where his thesis to photo school at Bishop Arno. It was published in GP last summer.

During Saturday’s gala was rewarded it with two awards, including the heaviest according Olof Ohlsson itself is the third prize in the category of foreign news. In addition, he was awarded the price Rookie of the Year.

– I see it as proof that I am on the right track, and that what I do is appreciated and well, says the 25-year-old Gothenburg Son, which takes graduated from the program in June.

Why do you think that your story was so successful?

– primarily because I had enough of that good accessibility and helpful when I was in Nepal, and was piloted by a person who understood what I wanted and what I needed to see. Also, I had plenty of time to me, the whole seven weeks, so I could go through my material in peace.

– That I did everything myself worked well in this particular case, but otherwise I think that it can become a bit lame if you as a photographer also expected to write. Photographer and journalist are two professional roles work best if they are separate.

It was in the fall as Olof Ohlsson did his internship at Göteborgs-Posten. Currently, he is at Norrköping Newspapers, where he has his final internship.

GP’s Lisa Thanner won second prize in the portrait for his photo of Freddie Wadling. Freelance photographer Jonas Tobin also reached him a silver place in this year’s Swedish reportage category. His reportage about Kim Bostrom who has Down syndrome were published during the summer in GP.

Facts: Picture of the Year Winner

This year’s image: Christoffer Hjalmarsson (freelance / Expressen)

This year’s photographer: Paul Hansen (Daily News)

The Rookie: Olof Ohlsson (freelance)

Nyhetsbild Sweden: 1st prize Håkan Risberg ( Nerike Allehanda), 2nd prize Anna Wahlgren (freelance / Sydsvenskan), 3rd prize Henrik Montgomery (TT News Agency)

Nyhetsbild abroad: 1st prize Christoffer Hjalmarsson (freelance / Express), 2: prize Paul Hansen (Daily News), 3rd prize Niclas Hammarström (Aftonbladet / Continent)

Everyday Life Picture Sweden: 1st prize Moa Karlberg (freelance / Continent), 2nd prize Anna-Karin Nilsson (freelance / Express), 3rd prize Martin von Krogh (Torque / Expressen)

Everyday Life Picture abroad: 1st prize Jacob Zocherman (freelance / Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet / Continent), 2nd prize Lotta Härdelin ( Daily News), 3rd prize Yvonne Åsell (Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet)

potrait: 1st prize Åsa Sjöström (Continent), 2nd prize Lisa Thanner (Göteborgs-Posten), 3rd prize Linda Forsell (Continent / Expressen)

Portrait Series: 1st prize Johan Bävman (Torque), 2nd prize Beatrice Lundborg (Daily News), 3rd prize Niklas Larsson (Photo Agency)

Bildreportage Sweden: 1st prize Frederick Funck (Daily News), 2nd prize John Tobin (freelance), 3rd prize Magnus Hjalmarsson Neideman (Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet)

Bildreportage abroad: 1st price Paul Hansen (Daily News), 2nd prize Niclas Hammarström (Aftonbladet / Continent), 3rd prize Olof Ohlsson (freelance)

Sports Photo: 1st prize Joel Marklund (Photo Agency), 2: prize Carl Sandin (Photo Agency), 3rd prize Joel Marklund (Photo Agency)

Multimedia: 1st prize Magnus Wennman (Aftonbladet), 2nd prize Daniel Ekbladh (freelance), 3rd prize Nathaniel Johansson (Aftonbladet)

Open class: 1st prize Beatrice Lundborg (Daily News), 2nd prize Malin Hoelstad (Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet), 3rd prize Johanna Henriksson (freelance)

The jury’s honorary prize sports: Joel Marklund (Bilbyrån)

The jury’s honorary award portraits: Åsa Sjöström (Torque)


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