Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mikael Persbrandt is written out of “Beck” films – Aftonbladet

The last year has been turbulent for Mikael Persbrandt.

Now the actor is deleted from the upcoming “Beck” films, according to several sources familiar with.

In January last year, it was clear that there would be a total of eight new “Beck” movies with Peter Haber , 62, and Mikael Persbrandt , 51, in the lead roles.

Persbrandt, who plays the hot-blooded Tomstad Larsson in the films, is said by several independent sources may not be in the movies in the new suite that is not pre-recorded.

“Beck” -producenten Tomas Michaelsson on Filmlance during Wednesday has not been available for phone calls but instead refers to the text.

Do not ruin the audience

He does not give direct comments on the initiated reports that Persbrandt disappears from the film series.

“We’re recording our Beck movies according to plan. We never reveal anything about the content before the premiere because we do not want to ruin the experience for the audience, “he writes.

It does not hold in response to a very specific question.

“It’s the only answer I have,” writes Tomas Michaelsson.

Mikael Persbrandt played Gunvald Larsson for the first time in the movie “Beck” in 1997. For the new movie suite had the actor portrayed the character 26 times.

Nöjesbladet have searched Mikael Persbrandt via the agent Tor Ingemar Ehn. He was in charge of the actor as late as December, but now state that they no longer work together. He also refers to an American management company that has not been possible to reach for comment.

convicted of cocaine possession

Last year, Mikael Persbrandt involved in a high profile drug tangle. Stockholm District Court sentenced the actor to five months in prison for cocaine possession. The sentence was reduced to probation by Svea Court of Appeal in July 2014.

Scandal The year continued with a big brawl during the film festival in Tallinn. The Swedish star was ditflugen as one of the major profiles but refused to leave his hotel room, said organizers.

– We made every effort really to get him here and he’s one of the big names this year. The festival has paid airfare for two people and a free hotel room for three nights, said Maris Hell Rand, press officer for the festival then.

Foreign Career

Despite the scandals actor’s international career started to take off. After a nedklippt role in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movies could Nöjesbladet recently revealing that Persbrandt involved in director Guy Ritchie’s upcoming medieval adventure “Knigths of the Round Table: King Arthur”. The recordings of the film has started.

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