Thursday, March 26, 2015

Did himself a disservice in TV4 – fell on the finishing line – Aftonbladet

She was one step from reaching the final of the “Swedish master chef.”

But in tonight’s episode took the trip out to Susanna Bill, 47th

– I felt like a winner, she said.

It was a tight battle over who would fix the final seat in tonight’s semi-final of the TV4 the “Swedish master chef.”

In the end, the Susanna Bill that fell on the target year and finished in third place in the cooking contest.

– I thought I would feel sad and think that it was difficult, but I felt like a winner. I think I won third place. I am so pleased with my efforts. There are two incredibly worthy finalists, so I feel I maxed my contribution in the “Swedish master chef,” she says.

Chose bear meat to the competitor

After Louis Brydolf first became final finished got Susanna Bill and Sandra Mastio , who both hailed by the jury, make up an elimination contest in two steps.

After winning taster of the meats were Susanna Bill decide what meat they would cook in the second stage of the competition.

She chose to give Sandra Mastio bear meat while she took the chicken to get make his “Butter Chicken”. But the question is if she did not do himself any favors.

– I have thought a lot about the choice I made. But the fact is that I was so tired of all flesh, and I felt so uninspired by all the different pieces of meat lying there. Sandra is such a talented and accomplished chef so I could give her anything and she had prepared something great.

“Too much meat in the contest”

In general, she feels that there was too much meat in the competition.

– A way to improve the program for next year is to mix up those challenges with more fish and even vegetarian. For now we have cooked almost exclusively meat throughout the season.

Susanna Bill made an entrance with a bang in the season and it was the second time she competed in the competition.

– I’m competitive person, so I’d be lying if I said I did not want to take me to the final. At the same time feels a finals place very far away in the competition. Much has been about just getting to the next step.

Now working Susanna Bill, among other things, to start up his own catering company.


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