Friday, March 20, 2015

Stenmark’s criticism of Tony Irving – Aftonbladet

The fractions of the “Let’s Dance” – the jury has plummeted during the week, and today meets the trio in an emergency meeting.

All because of Ingemar Stenmark.

Now directs ski star self-criticism of the clashes.

– Tony Irving sawed me, but gave me five points. How honest are you then? he says.

The jury fracas that have shaken “Let’s Dance” since last Friday finale has Tony Irving accused his colleagues Dermot Clemenger and Ann Wilson to favor Stenmark and treat him with kid gloves.

“It’s just bullshit,” countered Clemenger after opening lead.

Ingemar Stenmark have noticed a large fraction – and has eye on what Irving criticized in his jury colleagues.

– I’ve seen a little bit on the headlines. He tells you he is honest that give me criticism, arguing that the others are dishonest, salute me, but then gives me bad points, he says in a break during a dance rehearsal.

“is indeed a theater “

But watching the favorite does not understand the charges.

Instead, he is critical of Tony Irving’s angry played out in the media.

– He thinks that the other is dishonest, but last week he sawed me and then gave me five points. How honest are you then? There I wonder. I do not know really, I do not understand what they mean.

You do not think he’s right?

– I know very little about dance to say it, so I’d rather not put myself in that. It’s not my problem.

How does it feel to jury bothered about you?

– It’s a theater this, I see it. I do not care.

Tony: I do not understand

Tony Irving disagree with Stenmark, but says that he has always been honest in their assessments of the former ski star:

– I have not given Ingemar best score but also not the worst score. I have said the same thing every week. I do not understand how he can accuse me of being dishonest when I say that he is good, but could be better.


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