Saturday, March 28, 2015

“Skavlan behaved really well ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

The GP’s Gunilla Grahn-Hinnfors saw a change Jimmie Åkesson during the interview in Skavlan yesterday.
– What we saw yesterday was not a leader of SD and I doubt that he will come back 100 percent, she said.

What are your thoughts on yesterday’s interview in Skavlan?

– I saw the program yesterday and I thought Skavlan behaved really well. It is a format with cozy TV that gets a little hard and when the tough issues come up, it may be a bit uncomfortable. There was a fear before the program to the hard questions would not be. So I do not think it was. I watched a little on twitter afterwards and it’s was much more positive note after the program had been sent compared to before.

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How did Jimmie Åkesson do you think?

– He was not quite his old self. This type of questions he would have done in a completely different way a year ago. What we saw yesterday was not a leader of the SD and I doubt that he will come back 100 percent. The party should have their country days later this year and I would not be surprised if it becomes a prey. But we’ll see, I’ve been wrong before.

– Yesterday Skavlan was one of the few interviews with Akesson I have seen where he falters a bit. I think the question at the end of the interview in which he asks, not SD has a responsibility for the hardened political climate. There, I do not think Jimmie Åkesson has an answer simply.

Was it a good idea from Åkessons page to set up the interview?

– I think Jimmie Åkesson underestimated Skavlan. He probably expected a bit more lenient treatment.

How would the SD affected if Akesson resigns as party leader?

– The Party’ve shown that you can do without him in the top. There is a whole different width in the party than many previously thought. While Åkesson has been gone, it has shifted positions in the party and Mattias Karlsson as acting party leader, Richard Jomshof as party secretary and the economic political spokesperson Oscar Sjöstedt has fared better than expected. But there is a lot of growing pains, both in terms of membership and money and it is a challenge I believe that one was not quite prepared for.


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