Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Karin Holm: Recoating is more than mural – Göteborgs-Posten

Of course, there was no other solution than to finally let the Carolina Falkholts acclaimed painting become public, writes GP: Deputy Head of Cultural Karin Holm.

The artist Carolina Falkholts works at secondary school in Nyköping has unveiled for good. “It has come to our arguments that allows it to not be visible,” said the headmaster Harke Steenbergen to P4 Sörmlandsleden.

He has fought for the work Recoat which was completed in January last year. Carolina Falkholt received the order on a 12-square-meter mural, where part of the subject is a vagina. The artist works feminist and the painting’s title alludes to her first covered the concrete surface with that sort of derogatory sexual words about women often heard in the school hallway, then filled the wall with lots of color.

The painting brought an immediate debate and Nyköping Municipality of arts managers bath Falkholt paint over the subject. The artist replied that she was not going to change the painting, and instead built Recoat in behind a wall.

Carolina Falkholt have described the events as an open wound and said in a GP interview that the school’s action sends the following signals: ” If you have a vagina, you should be ashamed and certainly not talk about it. “

Harke Steenbergen during the winter allowed to show the work of teachers and students asked their opinion. Since then, the school administration and the student council decided unveiling, which of course pleased the artist, according to SVT Sörmlandsleden.

Another of Carolina Falkholts paintings with vaginal motifs found in Halmstad, even there at a secondary school. Fittskåpet was discussed and an occasional politician’s voice was critical, but they can not be compared with those in Nyköping.

On the contrary, the focus on graffiti in the lecture hall and living quarters attracted positive and become an attraction viewed for assistance.

Falkholt and several of the artists had the unique opportunity to exhibit in Halmstad art gallery and Carolina Falkholt was awarded an additional public commissions. At the city library extends now a several meters high arm up along a façade.

Carolina Falkholt raise their hands and it is important that we listen to her and other artists and writers who want to recapture of interpretation of women’s genitals. Cartoonist Life Strömquist stood last fall in width with Falkholt with the album The fruit of knowledge , a fun and educational book about the vagina, and, not forgetting, the vulva.

I’ve learned much of both Falkholt and Strömquist and celebrated waning Christmas with newfound insights. In the tree hung vaginas in pink icing.

All credit to the Västra Götaland region as the middle of Nyköping The row gave Carolina Falkholt Culture price of SEK 100 000. The explanatory memorandum describes her artistic work as “a rousing, open and highly political gesture”.

Hopefully for the strange turns in Sörmlandsleden something good with it. Of Painting has become more than a mural and may, at best, powerful consequences. “We can begin to discuss value issues with this artwork in the background,” says rector Harke Steen Berger.

A very good idea.


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